The 1 year old

Like almost every mom out there, I couldn’t believe how fast time just FLEW by and now my precious little Chichi is 1 year old.

The entire week I had been so busy planning a birthday party, that the realization that SHE IS NOW 1!! didn’t hit me until a few days after. (more…)

WHAT?! One year?! Whatever happened to 0-11 months?

So the other day, I was walking around in a grocery store when I spotted some super cute party supplies featuring minions. I looked through them and thought how adorable would it be if we had a minion themed birthday party for Chichi when she turns 1….and then I stopped, and realized that….she’s turning 1 NEXT MONTH.

I double checked the month, and even year, and I was like..wait what?! HOW IS SHE ALREADY TURNING 1?!?!!?!?!? (more…)

First date night since baby

So lately, I’ve been thinking about how to best get baby and grandma to hang out more so that things would be easier when I go back to work.

While they do see each other every few days, they never get the opportunity to REALLY hang out.

It’s been a while since my mom’s taken care of a baby, so I thought, what better way to get them to get to get really know each other than a date night for me and hubby! (more…)

Phantom baby kicks

Chichi’s almost 9 months old now.  I guess now’s as good of a time as any to tell you about something that’s as weird as it sounds- Phantom baby kicks. (more…)

Britax free car seat

For those of you looking to get a new stroller and waiting on the free ride event from Britax:

Right now, you can get a free car seat with the purchase of a stroller from

Not quite the same as the free ride event from Britax, but still a good deal if you’ve been eyeing the Britax B-ready!


Target deal alert May 30-June 5, 2014

Between May 30 and June 5, Target will have their Diaper genie elite for 20% off.

In addition, you can print another coupon off the Target website for another $7.50 off and another 5% if you have the red card.

You can print the coupons at home under the baby catalogue, by going to, flyer, baby catalogue, and then pressing on any of the “coupon” links inside the catalogue.  These coupons are not found in the regular coupon link, make sure you check it out!


The introduction of solid foods

So about a month ago, I decided to start Chichi on solids.

I’d actually started about 2 months ago, but after a few tries, decided to delay it for a few more weeks because I didn’t think she was quite ready yet. She still kept thrusting her tongue out and pushing everything out. (more…)

Mother’s Day 2014

So, yesterday was Mother’s day-Happy belated Mother’s day to mothers everywhere!

I spent the day with my parents and my grandma who came to visit this month. Its such a blessing to have four generations dine together on Mother’s day.


Sleep Regression

It would appear that I am currently right smack in the middle of the 6/7 month sleep regression.

Chichi had previously been really good at sleeping all night.


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