Trying to conceive – my story

One thing that I didn’t expect when hubby and I decided to have kids was how long it was going to take.  High school sex ed made everything sound so easy!

Hubby and I started trying to conceive immediately after we got married.  The first few months we didn’t do anything special and just thought “if it’s going to happen, it’ll happen”.  But it didn’t.  I was disappointed.  So I started to seek some extra help.

One of my biggest problem was that I had extremely irregular cycles.  Sometimes they were 35 days, sometimes they were 50+ days.  This made it extremely difficult to pinpoint when/if I was ovulating.

I opened an account at fertilityfriend, and thought I would first start tracking my cycles by mucous alone.  (This is, after all, the cheapest method).  This was an excellent tool for me to track my mucous, my symptoms, and it can predict your next ovulation date.  It’s also full of support from other women who would share their graphs.  But a couple of cycles later I realized that tracking mucous alone wasn’t going to work for me.  I couldn’t really determine when I was having that egg white cervical mucous (EWCM), because there were multiple days in my cycle when I thought I was having EWCM.

So I looked into tracking my basal body temperature along with cervical mucous.  This was more helpful as I could actually start to see a peak in temperature to confirm that I did indeed ovulate.  This also confirmed that, for me, cervical mucous alone is really not at all that accurate.

This didn’t solve the problem of “so when exactly am I going to ovulate?”  Not having regular cycles was a serious pain in the butt.  I realized that I was going to have to predict when I was going to see that peak, since once the peak has already occurred, then ovulation has presumably already occurred and the prime time for conceiving has already passed.

It did take me a while to get into ovulation predictor kits (OPKs), mainly because they’re outrageously expensive. I ended up purchasing a bundle of OPK along with pregnancy tests online from (because who needs a nice fancy case for a stick you’re just going to pee on?), and have found them to be quite reliable, and easy on the pockets.  It took me a while to get good at using this because I didn’t use them consistently every day.  Sometimes I would miss the positive completely.  Once I began to use them daily, the OPKs would consistently show positive starting 3 days before I was due to ovulate through to the day of ovulation.  This is supposedly the most ideal time to begin trying!  So we did this for a few more months.  Still, no baby.

It was about 8 months after we started trying I started to feel scared.  My anxiety began to creep in and  I started to wonder if there might be a problem.  I even went to see my family doctor who said my irregular cycles was not a big deal.  Hubby and I then had a discussion that if it wasn’t going to happen that month, then we should just postpone our baby plans until a year later.  We had plans to go travel extensively a few months later, and didn’t want to be nauseated on the trip.  Plus, doing our baby dance (BD) just because a stick tells you to is starting to feel a little bit like a chore.

So that month, hubby and I just took it easy.  In fact, when the OPK showed positive, we just thought “meh, oh well.” We were pretty much prepared to postpone all baby plans until the following year.

Then, it happened.

I successfully conceived an entire 5 days after we BDed.

5 days. I.Was.Blown.Away.  Hubby either has super long-lived sperm or super slow swimming sperm.  How is it that we can conceive 5 days prior to ovulation, but not 2-3 days prior?

My hubby didn’t even believe me when I showed him my pregnancy test, with an ever- so- faint line about 11 days post ovulation. (This is what happens when you’re a pee-a-holic and have line-eyes).


Faintly positive pregnancy test from

Faintly positive pregnancy test from

The line is much more pronounced in real life.  I was quite impressed considering I was only 11 days past ovulation.

Afterwards, I did some research.  Turns out, being stressed out can potentially cause decreased fertility. While there’s no way for me to know whether “giving up” was the reason I was able to get pregnant that month, or if I was just going to get pregnant anyway, I think that trying to relax can only benefit a couple.

I was very lucky that it took me only 8 months. Humans are not really that efficient at reproducing. My advice for anyone trying to conceive is first, never, ever give up.  If ever in doubt, visit your doctor for a checkup.  Use any or all tools necessary to try to pinpoint your ovulation day.  Finally, try to relax. Consider going on date nights to set the mood, perhaps.

Do you have any tips to share? Please let us know :)


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