Morning Sickness (all freaking day long sickness)

Morning sickness, aka nausea and vomiting of pregnancy, affects more than 50% of all pregnant woman.  It usually starts around 6 weeks, and stops/lessen in the second trimester.

The first few weeks after I found out I was pregnant, I was over the moon.  I didn’t dare tell anyone yet so everywhere I went I had this grin on my face.  But, like most soon-to-be moms, I was also extremely scared of a possible loss.  I Googled stories on early losses and chemical pregnancies to death.  I also didn’t have the nausea or smell aversions or any other symptoms of pregnancy other than a missed period.  This really worried me.  I began to fear perhaps my HCG levels weren’t high enough or perhaps I had already unknowingly lost the baby.  Every time I went to the bathroom I was terrified of seeing red.

At around the 7 week mark, I began to notice some nausea in the late afternoons/early evenings.  The smell of anything sour would make me even more nauseated.  I was thrilled!  This, to me, meant that my pregnancy was progressing.

This soon progressed to severe nausea.  I was bed-ridden.  The only thing that brought me any relief was sleep.  So sleep I did.  I would sleep sometimes for 18+ hours a day.  Luckily, I was off work at the time so I could afford to sleep as long as I wanted.  This lasted for a good month or more.  I was hardly able to keep food down, and I started to lose weight.   I tried all the natural remedies like eating crackers, ginger candy, ginger ale, ginger tea (ginger everything!), bland foods and the sea band too.  I switched to children’s strawberry flavored toothpaste too because I would gag every time I tried brushing my teeth.  These didn’t really work for me.  I started to take Diclectin (a combination of antihistamine with vitamin B6).  Even taking 8 tablets a day regularly did nothing for me, except to make me drowsy.  At this point, I was not thrilled.  At all.

I began to hate pregnancy.

I even began to doubt whether or not I really wanted to be pregnant (what was I thinking?!).  I couldn’t wait for second trimester to come and take away my nausea so I could feel somewhat normal again instead of feeling like death every second of the day.  I even began to think that I would never, ever do this again.  Never.  I hated having to hold a bucket beside my bed every time I tried to get up.  I hated how I would gag every time I brushed my teeth.  I hated making a mad dash to the toilet and/or sink every time I thought I would vomit (which was basically every 3 minutes or so if I wasn’t lying down).  And sometimes, I wouldn’t make it in time.

Then, my doctor prescribed me Zofran.  Although normally used in patients to treat nausea and vomiting in chemotherapy, it is also used in woman with severe morning sickness.  Zofran was my life saver.  It is also very hard on the pockets (Thank god for hubby’s insurance!).

Once I had the Zofran, I started to enjoy my pregnancy a little more. While the Zofran did cause me to be mildly constipated (a common side effect), it was so much better than being nauseated.

When I entered my second trimester, I foolishly thought that my nausea went away and didn’t take my Zofran.

Bad idea. Why I chose to stop taking my Zofran on a day I went out is beyond me. I threw up, in a very public, very crowded restaurant. I wanted to run away or dig a hole and never come out again (which would, of course, cause me to vomit again).

As my pregnancy progressed, I realized that my nausea was fairly limited to the morning. As long as I took my Zofran in the morning, I would be fine for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, my nausea persisted for the remainder of my pregnancy and I had to take Zofran up until the day I gave birth.

If you have tried any unusual ways to curb morning sickness, please share it with us! I would love to try them the next time around. 

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