My birth story

For those who are scared of labour, unfortunately there’s no real way around it. You certainly can’t keep the baby inside forever!

Just think, you go through labour once, and you will have a beautiful baby to love forever. That’s a pretty good trade off I think.

The day Chichi was born was both the most painful and magical day of my life.

4:00 AM: I had been up really late the night before, feeling rather restless.  When I finally went to sleep, I wake up with a loud gasp after feeling a large gush of liquid.  I run to the washroom, with liquid pouring out of me over the toilet.  Hubby hurriedly follows me to the washroom, and asks me if I had peed the bed. I look at him with panicked eyes and said “no, you idiot, my water broke.” The look at he gave me was priceless.

After the gush of liquid stopped, I get up to look in the toilet.  It is filled with bloody water. I become really worried because when I was born, my mom had to get emergency c-section because of placental abruption.  One of the symptoms of placental abruption is vaginal bleeding.  So, I start freaking out.

5:00am: We head to the hospital after a call to my doctor.  Once I got to the labor unit, holding a towel around my bottom and obviously freaking out, the nurse there calmly asks me if I was GBS positive or negative. I said “I don’t know, I never got tested.” Nurse says “why weren’t you tested?”  “I guess I’m too early to get tested? I’m only 34 weeks”. That got their attention. I am set up fairly quickly after that, and doctors were called. I am only 1cm dilated.  Which isn’t any progress at all since I’d been 1cm dilated for at least a week.  I get the monitors hooked up to my belly, and baby is doing well.  I am not having any contractions at this point, so the doctor suggests that if I don’t go into labor by the next day, they would induce me due to fears of infection.

Since I didn’t know my GBS status, I automatically got hooked up to IV.  The penicillin burned as it went in, and my wrist was in pain the whole time.

I eat breakfast here (your basic breakfast of toast, jam, eggs, coffee) and waited for my contractions to get more regular.

9:00am: I get transferred to the maternity unit since my contractions weren’t regular and the doctors felt I probably won’t even go into labor that day. The maternity unit is much more comfortable and quiet.  They set up a cot for my hubby as well so he could rest while I contracted.

10:00am: The pain is still quite manageable at this point, and I can easily eat my lunch ( a sandwich). Contractions are coming every 5 minutes, but lasting only 20 seconds. It feels like period pains.

1:00pm: The contractions are still coming every 5 minutes, but lasting longer and is increasing in intensity.

3:00pm– The contractions are still coming every 5 minutes and but now lasting 1 minute.  There are obvious peaks and valleys, and I am starting to have trouble breathing through them. I have a quick bout of diarrhea.  I ask the nurse if I could have the epidural.

4:00– I get transferred back to the labor and delivery unit. The doctor checks me and says I was 5cm dilated. At this time, I feel things are really picking up the pace and I ask for the epidural again with tears down my face.

5:00– I get transferred to yet another room to prepare for delivery.  The doctor checks me again and says I am 6-7cm dilated. I am breathing the gas at this point, and getting really uncomfortable. The contractions are coming quickly together and lasting longer. They tell me the anesthesiologist is currently in the operating room performing a c-section, and will come to me right after he is done. I am praying that the anesthesiologist will come soon. REALLY soon. I tell hubby that we are never going to have another baby again.

5:15– Things are really progressing very fast. I am in a lot of pain, and am having trouble controlling my breathing. Hubby is beside me the whole time, holding my hand, telling me to breath in and out. I am really grateful he is here, because I am pretty sure I would have forgotten to breath otherwise.

5:30– My parents and sister have arrived at the hospital.  My mom comes into the delivery room, and I see her face is filled with fear and pain.  I am in visible pain with the gas mask on my face (and according to the nurse, a lot of “show”).  I am having a lot of trouble controlling my breath regularly.  I begin banging my hands on the hospital bed rail in an attempt to distract myself from the pain. At one point, I scream at the nurse “where the hell is he? (anesthesiologist)”.  Mom is asked to leave the room

5:45– I begin to bang my head on the bed rails. I tell the nurse and hubby to just throw me out the window and let me die. “DO SOMETHING, DO ANYTHING !“ I am 8cm at this point. .  I feel as if a paving truck was rolling over my belly repeatedly, and crushing my bones.

6:00- Anesthesiologist finally breezed into my room. He attempts to tell me about the epidural and the risks involved. I shout at him “JUST GIVE IT TO ME”…and he, of course being the healthcare professional he is, just continued to ramble.

He finally decides to give me the epidural.

6:30– After several test boluses of the epidural, I am finally comfortable. I become extremely cold, so now I am wrapped in several blankets burrito style.  I look out the window and there is a beautiful sunset.  I thought it was beautiful, as it had been pouring rain the entire day.

6:45– I feel like I have to poop. I tell the nurse so, she checks me again, says I am nearly 10cm dilated but there were still a little bit of cervix left. She tells me to not to push, and to puff my breath. (this is where prenatal classes came in handy).

7:00– I feel like I really, really have to poop. Nurse tells me to wait. Suddenly, something on the monitor catches her eye, and she begins to get me to roll from side to side to get the baby to come back up. I do not know what is going on. Nurse gives me an oxygen mask, and calls the doctors from the speaker.

More than 10 people comes rushing my room.  My nurse attempts to tell me who they are, but my brain is too foggy to remember. There is definitely a lot of heads looking at my nether region. I am glad I had diarrhea earlier.

The Doctor quickly assess the situation, and decides I need to have a forcep delivery. He quickly tells me at this point it is safer to use a forcep to deliver than not use a forcep. I vaguely remember nodding along.

I am really relieved when the doctor says I can now push…I pushed…once….twice….(while screaming) Doctor says ok wait stop…Comments that baby had the cord around her neck so he has to unwrap it…and ask me to push again (third time)…and Chichi was born.

I have never been so relieved to hear someone cry. Pediatrician proclaimed her healthy!

I was allowed to hold her for a brief moment before they took her off to the NICU.  She had really really red lips, and took a peek at me through one eye.  I was in love!

Overall, I felt that my birth went extremely well.  I only wish that I had received my epidural earlier.

My sister, who is a nurse, shared with me that doctors and nurses frequently delay giving the epidural because they don’t want to delay the labor.  She tells me, often times, they will give the mom-to-be excuses to delay giving her the epidural.  In my case, they told me the anesthesiologist was occupied with a c-section.  I really hope that it isn’t true.

Has anyone had experiences at the hospital where they had to wait a long time to receive the epidural? If so, please share!

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