Coffee and Breastfeeding

I’ve recently discovered the reason for Chichi’s evening fussiness (adorable fussiness).


Now, you might wonder why I didn’t realize this sooner.

You see, I have had a cup a day for as long as I can remember. I tried cutting it out when I was pregnant (although Health Canada considers caffeine intake of less than 300mg to be safe in pregnancy!).  I just figured I would replace it with healthy alternatives like juice or water.

I was successful during my first trimester at avoiding caffeine.  It wasn’t too hard since I was nauseated all day anyway, and was in bed most of the time.

Second trimester came around, and as my nausea eased and I went back to work, I would get a horrendous headache come mid afternoon. It was the type of throbbing headache that would drive anyone nuts. That’s when I went back to having a very small amount of coffee per day (half a cup of a tall starbucks).  This very small cup of coffee would not only keep my headache at bay, but also kept me awake and focused.  I’m sure that the coffee likely saved me from quite a few catastrophic errors while I was working! So, this continued through the rest of my pregnancy.

So, I thought, Chichi shouldn’t be too bothered if I still have my little bit of coffee per day.

Ever since Chichi came home, she would have her evening fussiness.  After around 10pm, she would fuss and cry, and won’t stop until she’s simultaneously being held, and rocked, and sang to. We figured it was just “one of those things”. After around 4am, she will usually fall back asleep again.

There were, of course, some days she would fuss for MUCH longer. But, again, we didn’t think much of it.

One day, Chichi kept me up at night, and I only got a few hours sleep. That day, being so tired, I had two cups of coffee. That very night, Chichi refused to sleep and was irritable from 3am to noon the next day. That’s when I realized, hmmm, could it be?

Since then, I have been careful about the amount of coffee I drink.  Usually, my caffeine will come from a small cup of tea.  And Chichi? Yes…she’s sleeping now.



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