So…I’m addicted to my baby’s scent

Babies smell like heaven. If only they could find a way to bottle that scent.

I love to take a deep long whiff of my baby’s head.

And face.

And neck. Even feet.

I think most moms like to smell their babies.  Supposedly the baby’s scent stimulates the reward center of the brain, similar to the response a drug addict gets when they get their drugs.

I have noticed that her smell seems to have lessened over time, compared to when she was just born.  Back in those days, a simple whiff of her head would make me oh-so-satisfied.

Nowadays, I have to go seek out special spots like the folds of her neck or behind her ears and so on.

And here I would like to share a deep, dark secret with all of you. I often have to creep up to Chichi’s crib when she’s sleeping, lean down slowly, and take a deep whiff like some creepy, crazy person.

Hubby doesn’t seem to share the same addiction.  Good thing, since I don’t think there’s enough scent to go around!

Taking a deep whiff of Chichi's face

Taking a deep whiff of Chichi’s face


Surely, I can’t be the only person addicted to their baby’s scent????

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