Love me some good deals!

So I’ve decided to add a Deals section.  I love good deals, and coupons.  Together with my frugal hubby I estimate we save more than a thousand dollars every year on deals and household products.

One of my favorite places to get a good bargain is Target.  I love Target because they often have random clearance items that is not found in flyers. They also have coupons for print out from their website, as well as coupons you can find in store either printed on their receipt or in coupon booklets.

Regarding their coupon books, there’s often things like toilet paper or paper towels that have good coupons.  I like to collect these because they’re everyday household items, and they never expire so it’s good for stocking up.  I don’t know where the other Target stores keep these, but for the Coquitlam Centre Target store specifically, you can find a pile of these coupon books at the Counselling area of the pharmacy in Target.

One thing you might not be aware of is, at Target, you can use 1 manufacture coupon and 1 Target coupon for any one item at a time.  I think this is pretty good savings, especially if you also have the Target red card which gives you additional 5% off.

I also like to get coupons online, from or p&g.

Now, without further ado, read on for the good deals I saw today!


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