My baby is losing her hair

It’s happening. I read about it, and I thought I was prepared for it but…

My baby is losing her hair!

There’s a round bald patch on the back of her head now, exactly where it would rub on the mattress whenever she turns her head.

Bald patch on the back of baby's head

Bald patch on the back of baby’s head


That beautiful, soft, baby hair. Gone.

I searched her crib for the hair so that I might be able to keep it in a keep sake box, but, there’s no hair to be found anywhere.

It’s apparently normal for babies under 6 months to lose their baby hair, particularly if they rub an area of the scalp against the mattress or if they sleep in the same position all the time.

Ah well…guess I just have to wait for new hair to grow out.



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