Kids on the news

Ever since I had Chichi, certain news articles will catch my eye, and break my heart

“Doctor convicted of waterboarding companion’s daughter, holding girl’s head under faucet”  (The Canadian Press, Feb 13, 2014.)

Or how about

“Baby Box Pastor rescues unwanted Korean Infants”  (CBN News, Feb 22, 2013)

From year “Grandmother charged in death of Milton, Ont., toddler left alone in hot car” (Globe and Mail, Jul 5, 2013).

It’s not that stories like these didn’t break my heart before I had a baby, but now it’s positively unbearable to see these type of news.

It’s stories like these that make me paranoid about ever letting my baby out of the house. Ever letting her be under the care of ANYONE other than myself. Ever even let her out of my sight. Ever.

How can anyone leave their babies, tiny helpless BABIES, out on the street to die? Adoption maybe? Drop them off at a hospital perhaps? Why on the street?!

How can anyone deliberately injure a child? Leave them in a hot car on a hot summers day?

These are innocent children. Children who look up to us, who looks to us to take care of them, who depends on us.

It’s also become harder for me to feel neutral about abortions. I know that sometimes, abortions are necessary or humane. Perhaps sometimes there’s a severe defect in the fetus, or perhaps being pregnant threatens the life of the mother.

I understand that being pregnant and having children can be very difficult on a single mother, or any mother who may not be ready either financially, physically, or mentally for a child.

I do, I understand. But God, I wish there was another way.

I remember working one day when I was pregnant, and a patient asks me about abortions. She asked me to find out for her where the nearest clinic was, and what her options are. I remember while looking up the information for this patient, deep down inside I was terrified that my baby might somehow misunderstand. That my own baby would think that I was looking up the information for myself. I spent some time afterwards talking to my baby, telling her mommy is just doing her job, mommy loves you very, very much.





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