Baby not pooping

Today is day 8 of Chichi not pooping.

While I have to admit that it’s a lot easier to change pee diapers, this no pooping business is starting to freak me out.

When Chichi was a newborn, she would poop perhaps 4-5 times a day. Around the one month mark, she would poop perhaps 1-2 times a day. Then, around the 3 month mark she was pooping once a day.  A couple of weeks ago, she didn’t poop for an entire 7 days.

There were no signs of any discomfort. But she liked to fart. A lot. Normally her farts don’t bother me, but when she doesn’t poop, then they really, really smell bad. As in, stink-up-the-entire-room- in -30 -seconds bad.

It’s quite normal for babies not to poop for several days, as breast milk is fully digestible.  As long as the baby isn’t showing any signs of discomfort, distended stomach, vomiting, or hard masses in the belly, it’s usually okay for them to go 7-10 days without a bowel movement.

I would feel her belly everyday, and give tummy massages to help pass gas and hopefully move things along.  Doing the air bicycles is also very effective.  Last time, when she finally went, she filled an entire diaper.  The poop was still soft, which meant she wasn’t constipated.

This time, she hasn’t gone for 8 days. She’s still happy as a clam. The downside is…I have to anticipate a massive explosive diaper anytime, anywhere.

Chichi seems to really enjoy it when I do the air bicycles with her.  It seems she’s greatly amused by my face when she lets a massive stinky fart into my face.  Ah….babies.

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