Baby logic

You know what’s funny? Baby logic.

Or rather, lack of.

It’s like:

Baby is sleepy, baby cries. Too stimulated to sleep.

Baby is soothed by sucking on her thumb. Takes her own thumb out. Cries, because the thumb isn’t there anymore.

Baby likes sleeping in swing/car seat/whatever it is. Put them in, cries.


Lately, Chichi’s been really really awesome in that she will sleep all night long. 8 or 9 hours sometimes. The downside is, it takes FOREVER to put her to sleep.

She cries when I put her in her crib, cries when I turn on the mobile, cries when I put her in her swing. I have to pick her up, rock her around the room.  Whenever I try to put her back into her crib, she starts crying before her body even touches the crib. Repeat.

The thing is, she will fall asleep if she can find her thumb. The key point here is, for her to find her own thumb (she refuses a pacificer). If I try to guide her own thumb to her mouth, it just won’t do. Despite me watching her repeatedly hitting her thumb on her forehead/eye/cheeks/other face area other than her mouth, with her wide waiting mouth and getting frustrated which leads to more crying. Eventually, she will put her mouth and thumb together, and she will suck like no tomorrow.

It’s super cute. Really. I adore it.

Sometimes, she will even surprise me by putting her thumb straight into her mouth on the first try.

She’s stopped using me as a human pacifier. I guess she thinks her thumb is more tasty? She’s offered us a sampling of her thumb, quite salty!

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