Measles in Seattle

I was really excited because we’d made plans to spend the weekend down in Seattle this week.

We were going to take Chichi and do some shopping, visit Pike Place Market, maybe the aquarium. Hubby already requested day off from work, hotel is booked.

And then this happened.


Needless to say, I’m not going anywhere near there now. Measles is contagious before any rash even appears, and is in fact contagious four days BEFORE the appearance of a rash.

Now, you might think that I’m being excessively paranoid and over protective. After all, it’s just ONE WOMAN, who has already been diagnosed and should now stay in isolation. I mean, this woman doesn’t pose a risk to the public now, so why am I so paranoid? I would agree with you, if we weren’t talking about measles, because measles is SUPER CONTAGIOUS.

You can catch measles just by being in the same room as the person, and even up to 2 hours after said person has left the room. A person can catch measles, and not show any symptoms for 7-21 days.

Now think about it this way. Said woman went to all those above places, including popular tourist spots like Pike Place Market. She could have potentially exposed any employee who worked there at the time (and also all the other tourists), so if any employee weren’t fully immunized they can now catch measles. This person is now carrying measles but may not show any symptoms yet for another 7-21 days. Since measles is contagious 4 days before the appearance of a rash, this person is going to continue working at Pike Place Market until they get diagnosed with measles, after which they should stay at home. But this isn’t before they’ve already exposed a bunch of other tourists at the market.

There’s no way a paranoid mommy like me isn’t going to get worried. I freak out about a small patch of eczema on her elbow, nevermind a whole body rash with complications like brain damage and deafness.

To those moms who do vaccinate their kids, a sincere thank you from moms like me, who have babies too young to be vaccinated.

Guess I’ll just have to find something else to do this weekend.

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