Please don’t let me go bald

You know that “pregnancy glow” that everyone raves about.

Well, I never got that. I didn’t get any beautiful, thick hair or glowing skin. My hair remained limp as before, and my complexion was terrible due to my horrid morning sickness. I looked quite ghastly, if I do say so myself.

Somehow, I got myself to believe that because I never reaped the hair benefits of pregnancy, that I wouldn’t be affected by post pregnancy hair loss.

The first 6 weeks post pregnancy, I kind of waited for something to happen to my hair. It didn’t.

Until now, that is. 6 months after giving birth.

I started noticing chunks of hair on the bathroom floor, and the carpet. It would look like I hadn’t vacuumed my floor in 6 months, when in reality it was more like 1-2 weeks. There’s more hair on my hairbrush, and I could feel hair fall out when I would take a shower.

The other day hubby looked at my head, and I immediately freaked out and asked him if I had developed a bald spot on my head. He reassured me that I hadn’t. Right.

The timing of my hair loss also coincided with the pms from hell.  If you’ve just given birth, be warned! I have never, ever in my life experienced such dramatic mood swings (not even when I was pregnant). I wanted to disown everything, and everybody (except my precious baby that is).  I also had killer cramps and backaches. It was so bad, I thought maybe I was pregnant again.

When AF finally came…well let’s just say I’m glad I was VERY well prepared with my feminine hygiene products. It was a close second to my postpartum lochia (TMI?).

Anyways, I think if I keep losing hair at this rate I’ll be looking for a wig in no time. Please, please don’t let me go bald!


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