Mother’s Day 2014

So, yesterday was Mother’s day-Happy belated Mother’s day to mothers everywhere!

I spent the day with my parents and my grandma who came to visit this month. Its such a blessing to have four generations dine together on Mother’s day.

Hubby woke up super early in the morning to buy me a bouquet of flowers, complete with a singing card he wrote on behalf of Chichi, signed with her signature- a stamp of her foot.

It was just the present I’d be hoping for!

We’re still struggling with her sleepless nights, and waking up every hour when she finally does fall asleep.

Many people (friends, family and coworkers) who have seen us commented on the state of our well-being (or rather unwell-being), and said “’re probably done with having kids then after all this!”

I would always respond with a huge smile, enormous under eye circles, and say “Nope! Gonna have loads more!”


Yes, there are nights we only sleep a couple of hours. There are places we can’t go because we have a small baby. Our lives revolve around her schedule (or rather, lack of schedule). I’ve lost track on the number of times I’ve had to leave a restaurant in the middle of my meal, get it packed up, and take Chichi outside because she’s gone hysterical. I’m not going to lie- there are days I wish I could just go back to the days pre-Chichi. I miss those long lazy Saturdays of do-whatever-I-want, and sleep until noon with no interruptions.

But, the truth is, nothing can compare to being a mother. All it takes is a little smile, a touch from her little hands, a laugh, or even just a look, to remind me of how completely and utterly lucky I am to have her in my life.


Happy Mother's day!

Happy Mother’s day!

Chichi holding her card

Chichi holding her card

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