First date night since baby

So lately, I’ve been thinking about how to best get baby and grandma to hang out more so that things would be easier when I go back to work.

While they do see each other every few days, they never get the opportunity to REALLY hang out.

It’s been a while since my mom’s taken care of a baby, so I thought, what better way to get them to get to get really know each other than a date night for me and hubby!

So the plan was that I would gradually go out for longer times over the next few weeks. First I’d just do dinner in the same city, next time I might try to go further away, then after that perhaps a movie, etc etc.

So tonight, was our very first date night. I was excited! I can finally eat dinner in peace!

When mom finally came over, Chichi was asleep. I gave my mom instructions on what to feed her, where the diaper change supplies are and I left her to it.

30 minutes later, I was sitting in the restaurant, feeling incredibly antsy. I kept checking my phone. Nothing. Check again. Nothing. Hmmm….

So I text my mom.

Me: How’s baby

Mom: Crying

Me: ….

Mom: She’s very angry. Keep crying. rest then cry, then rest. Wont eat. She hates me.


Great. But it’s still early…so I try to eat my dinner without thinking about my poor baby, all alone, crying.

10 minutes later. Still crying.

15 minutes later. Still crying. Should I go home, I ask. Yes, come feed her.

Just like that, my date night was over.

Once I got home, Chichi clung to me, wouldn’t let me out of her sight, even when daddy was holding her.

The guilt of having to go to work is really starting to tear me up. I’m not sure how to proceed from here. It’s like 1 step forward and 10 steps back.


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