WHAT?! One year?! Whatever happened to 0-11 months?

So the other day, I was walking around in a grocery store when I spotted some super cute party supplies featuring minions. I looked through them and thought how adorable would it be if we had a minion themed birthday party for Chichi when she turns 1….and then I stopped, and realized that….she’s turning 1 NEXT MONTH.

I double checked the month, and even year, and I was like..wait what?! HOW IS SHE ALREADY TURNING 1?!?!!?!?!?

I’m not entirely sure that this is actually a normal response. Aren’t people supposed to be over the moon, excitedly planning their little baby’s one year birthday? Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t that i’m unhappy it’s just that I’m…a little sad too.

My little girl is growing up. My baby.

It’s too fast for me. It feels like she was just born yesterday, or last week…not a year ago.

Time passes by fast when you’re happy, like I have been. So blissfully happy. I hadn’t even realized that my sleepless nights are behind me (she sleeps thorough the night now), that she is no longer dependent on my boobs for nutrition, and she can even get around just fine without me even if it just by rolling around and pushing herself around.

Soon, she’s going to be a teenager wanting nothing to do with me, going off to college of wherever she wants to go, getting married, leaving mommy.

If a genie ever grants me wishes, I would say ” Genie, all I ask is that my baby grow up healthy and happy…and oh, if she could just be my baby for JUST a little bit longer”

I would be so happy.

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