The 1 year old

Like almost every mom out there, I couldn’t believe how fast time just FLEW by and now my precious little Chichi is 1 year old.

The entire week I had been so busy planning a birthday party, that the realization that SHE IS NOW 1!! didn’t hit me until a few days after.

The night before her birthday, I was caressing her soft hair as she was doing her bedtime breastfeed, just thinking to myself how this is the last night I can officially refer to her as baby because tomorrow she will officially be…a toddler. The dreaded T word.

We decided to just have a party for immediate family members only. It was nice and intimate. The highlight of the day was definitely the cake smashing part.

Cake smash time!

Cake smash time!

She had a grand time smashing up all the frosting and putting it everywhere, and I also had an equally grand time cleaning it up after. But, it was worth it!

Its amazing how fast babies grow. I still get over the fact that she can now measure her age in years, rather than months. She can do so much now, cruising along furniture, making all sorts of noise to show her pleasure and displeasure, eating finger foods by herself.  She`s also learned how to lean in close to mommy and daddy’s face to give us a light kiss on the lips.

Over the past few months, I have become less paranoid. I guess after a certain point, I stopped seeing her as this fragile, NICU baby fresh out of the womb, so in need of protection. With each passing week, as she masters more and more skills, I become more and more confident. Of course, now that she has gotten her measles vaccine (didn’t have any pain, redness, fever or anything!), I can also stop worrying about random measles outbreaks.

So, dearest Chichi…mama will always miss your baby days but I know I will enjoy your toddler days just as much.

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