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Please don’t let me go bald

You know that “pregnancy glow” that everyone raves about.

Well, I never got that. I didn’t get any beautiful, thick hair or glowing skin. My hair remained limp as before, and my complexion was terrible due to my horrid morning sickness. I looked quite ghastly, if I do say so myself.

Somehow, I got myself to believe that because I never reaped the hair benefits of pregnancy, that I wouldn’t be affected by post pregnancy hair loss. (more…)

What to pack in your hospital bag

I gave birth at Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster, BC. I had done quite a bit of research prior to giving birth on what to pack in my hospital bag, and I ended up only using perhaps 30% of what I brought. So for those woman giving birth at RCH, read on to see what I recommend for your birth!

My birth story

Right after the birth

For those who are scared of labour, unfortunately there’s no real way around it. You certainly can’t keep the baby inside forever!

Just think, you go through labour once, and you will have a beautiful baby to love forever. That’s a pretty good trade off I think.

The day Chichi was born was both the most painful and magical day of my life.


Fetal Ultrasound-20 week ultrasound

In Canada, a fetal ultrasound is offered around 20 weeks to assess for fetal abnormalities.  Some woman are also offered a dating ultrasound early on to determine gestational age and give an estimated due date.

The ultrasound assesses the baby, placenta and cervix for size, location, position and also assesses the development of various organs.  The test also checks for markers, which are NOT abnormalities but can be associated with some chromosomal problems (mainly Down syndrome and Trisomy 18).  The finding of a marker is used to adjust your base risk for Down syndrome or Trisomy 18.  It does NOT mean that your baby will definitely be born with Down Syndrome or Trisomy 18!!

Many parents will worry if their ultrasounds come back with the presence of soft markers.  I know, I was once there too- (more…)